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Smoked Sausage 100% Premium Pork “Certified Cajun”
Made in Louisiana

To preserve the knowledge of making sausage, Ralph’s father, Winston, passed on his family’s recipe and tradition of sausage making to his children. Ralph and Charlotte have carried on this tradition with their own children.

With a strong work ethic, we started this venture in July 2007 with volunteer help from family and friends. As the business grew, we wanted to broaden distribution of Frey Sausage into grocery stores and the food service industry. In early 2009, we received final approval from the USDA.

Today, along with our daughter and son-in-law, Monica and Craig Cormier, we continue to strive to bring the finest quality product to the public. To recognize Grandpa Winston’s contribution to the Frey Sausage business, his cattle brand is stamped in the upper left corner of each product label.

Grandpa Winston's Original Smokehouse

Frey Smoked Sausage, LLC
Mowata, Louisiana

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